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Welcome to North Island Mood Disorders!  

North Island Mood Disorders is a mental health support group for people suffering from depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders. We are located in Campbell River and soon in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island B.C. Our group is loosely affiliated with The Mood Disorders Association of BC, but the members of the group are the ones who ultimately decide how this group functions!

Our permanent meeting time is Monday at 5 pm, but our venue has recently changed to the office of The Schizophrenia Society at 850 E 12th Ave in Campbell River. This time and location are now fixed and reserved, so please adjust your schedules accordingly and invite other friends that share our struggle with mood disorders!


We invite all who are suffer from chronic depression, bipolar disorder, chronic anxiety, panic attacks, cyclothymic disorder, dysthymic disorder and other related conditions, as well as their families and care givers, to share in our support network. If the need is demonstrated, we also hope to soon be offering an evening group and a caregiver group in Campbell River, as well as more meetings in the Courtenay Comox area.

For more information email nimooddisorders@gmail.com
Douglas Sewell, MDABC Facilitator

250-204-7077 or 778-418-2012

About our meetings!

Who: North Island Mood Disorders is a local support group for people suffering from depression, bipolar and anxiety.

What: A support group serving all members of the mental health community suffering from chronic depression, bipolar disorder, chronic anxiety, panic disorders, cyclothymic disorder (a less severe form of bipolar), dysthymic disorders (a less severe form of chronic depression) and other related mood disorders.

Where: 850 E 12th Ave. Campbell River, BC

When: Every Monday at 5 pm.  We will now continue to meet at the same time and venue each week.

Why: Why are mood disorders so important! The numbers are actually staggering!
25% of Canadians will suffer a significant episode of depression during their lives.
8% of Canadians are struggling with depression at any given time, often combined with other major illnesses, such as cancer or substance abuse.
18% of the population suffers from chronic anxiety
It is often suggested that only 1% suffer from Bipolar Disorder. However, using better diagnostic tools, recent US surveys suggest that at least 3% is a more accurate estimate.
Suicide accounts for 24% of deaths among 15-24 year olds and 16% among 25-44 year olds.

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